TECNYLAB is a company founded in 2005 in Spain. Its history is bound to laboratory and sanitary sector. Tecnylab devotes himself to the distribution of laboratory supply. TECNYLAB aspires to be the most competitive company specialized in lab-ware distribution, offer the best value for money as well as the best service, go on diversifying our range of products and grow up as a global national and international company (EU) .

In 2005 we started commercializing and maintenance URA microscopes, since then, we are introducing other exclusives of lab instrumentation and now we achieve a great grade of specialization, since2006 we commercialize our own trades as ZUZI, NAHITA and DIGIPPETTE, NAHITA, DIGIPPETTE, SIMAX, JIPO, KARTELL, NAHITA BLUE, RSLAB, SEA SNAILS, GRAM, HANNA INSTRUMENTS, TFA, MOTIC... .At present Tecnylab offers you more than 17000 codes.

We want users 100% satisfied. Our staff consists of great professionals who maintain frequent and rich contact with all our customers.


Inmediate delivery, orders are shipped within 48-72 hours.
Less than 3% stockout
Satisfaction warranty, if you are not satisfied, you may return the good within 14 days since delivery. Own technical assistance and after sales service, highly qualified.